contƎr ‡ LiGht

proposals, 2023
TO raise the awareness among organizers of light art festivals about the problem of light pollution through artistic proposals that exclude harmful light emissions
TO inspire the creation of protected areas for insects, with a particular focus on fireflies
TO suggest the installation of animal/plant/human-friendly street lighting in towns and communities in this context


1.) proposal for the transformation of cityscapes by the means of a divascope that enhances the light and view for the spectators' eyes while leaving the surroundings untouched

2.) suggestion to set up the firefly-biotop LUCIFERIN, named after one substance in fireflies that enables the insects to shine


proposal for Theaterplatz Chemnitz, Germany

RE·A·NI·MA and Red Light Districts for LAMPYRIDAE

1.) proposal to turn the Kulturforum, a former slaughterhouse, into a hypothetical party location for endangered species by a pulsing sound / light performance referring to animals' heart rates (using only red light since it is not at all or hardly perceived by insects, birds and other animals)

2.) suggestion to enable an active sex life of fireflies (lat.: lampyridae), especially alongside the river, by establishing red light districts

inspired by the 2000th anniversary of Gaius Plinius Secundus Maior who wrote about bioluminescence and its perception in his time


proposal for Kulturforum Fürth, Germany